Lionel Messi Or Diego Maradona – Who is the Greatest Footballer of All Time?

Lionel Andrés Messi has been making all the headlines in the soccer world recently, he is undoubtedly the best footballer in the world at the moment, but such is the media obsession with the 22 year old genius from Rosario, Argentina, that some pundits are actually starting to say that Messi is now the greatest player of all time. Is this possible? Or is this just media hype?

There is no doubting that Messi has achieved an awful lot in terms of club football at such an early age. He was nominated for several FIFA World Player of the Year and Ballon d’Or nominations by the tender age of 21, and then won both at the age of 22. Messi’s playing style, skill and ability have drawn many comparisons to fellow countryman, Diego Maradona, who has himself declared Messi as his “successor”. However, can we seriously consider Messi to be a better player than the Argentinean legend?

Let us look at the facts. Diego Maradona also had a tremendous UFABET ไม่มีพลาดแน่นอน club football career, for Boca Juniors, Barcelona and in particular, Napoli. It was at Napoli that he elevated the team to the most successful era in their history. Led by Maradona, Napoli won their only Serie A Italian Championships in 86/87 and then in 89/90. They also came second in 87/88 and 88/89, as well as winning the Coppa Italia in 87, the UEFA Cup in 89 and the Italian Supercup in 90. Also Maradona was the top scorer in Serie A in 87/88.

Meanwhile, although Messi is winning every trophy in sight with Barcelona, it is arguable that they would do so anyway whether he was in the team or not. This is possibly the greatest club side that there has ever been and includes two of the other top 5 players in the world, in Xavi and Iniesta. However good Messi has been for Barcelona, he has not had the impact that Maradona had at Napoli.

Although at club level, there is not much in it between the two Argentinean geniuses, that is not the case at international level. Messi’s record is average to say the least when he plays with Argentina, whereas Maradona’s record with Argentina was second to none. Maradona won the World Cup in 1986 with a very average side, putting in unbelievable performance after performance. He then took an even worse team to the final in 1990, although they ended up losing to Germany.

Youth Football, Practice Number 8 of the 2008 Season

The base dynamic warm up and angle form/fit tackling is holding steady at about 8 minutes. We divided up for individuals and broke out like this:

Line: Wedge fit and wedge blocking on the coach with a shield for about 15 minutes and the crab blocking progression for about 10 minutes.

Backs: The chaser drill right from the blog. Our backs were not hitting the holes quick enough, the chaser drill usually solves that one in one practice session. We did the chaser with either a player at 1 back or as the wing and either running a power off-tackle or the reverse, with a chaser in hot pursuit at the snap. The endpoint was about 10 yards from the line of scrimmage. Our centers were snapping with the backs in a rotation, so they could get some work with the linemen as well. Then open field blocking drill, using the diamond drill.

Team Offense: Handed out wrist coaches to everyone and explained UFABET สูตรเล่นสล็อต our simple no-huddle wrist coach system. Even the age 7-9 rookies “got it” . We tested as a group and individually to make sure everyone understands it.

Team Offense; Reviewed Mouse Series with oldest kids demoing the series.

All teams repping plays on air with coaches at the point of attack with shields.

Age 7-9: Team reps, Sainted Six and Mouse Series

Age 10-11: Team reps, Sainted Six and Mouse Series

Age 12-13: Team reps, Sainted Six, Mouse, Full Spin and the basic 3 adjustments

Age 10-11 and age 12-13: 25 minutes of punts and punt returns.

Age 7-9: 15 Minutes of Deer Hunter game.

All the drills, offense and defense can be found in the book “Winning Youth Football a Step by Step Plan”.

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