Resveratrol, the Wonder Supplement and Testosterone Booster?

One compound that has been getting a great deal of attention these days by both researchers and the media is Resveratrol (Res), which is a phytoestrogen and antioxidant derived from grapes. It’s a compound that has been found to act as an anti estrogen, Inhibits aromatase (the enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogens) at high doses, may have effects on weight loss, and has many potential health related benefits.

So far, the stuff looks to a wonder compound. Finally, recent studies also suggest it may increase testosterone levels, and that’s got bodybuilders and other athletes, as well as supplement companies, excited as one might expect.

One recent study getting a great deal of attention entitled “trans-Resveratrol relaxes the corpus cavernosum ex vivo and enhances testosterone levels and sperm quality in vivo” found positive effects on testosterone levels in rabbits. This study found that rats given Res orally at 50 mg/ kg for 28 days concluded

“… resveratrol has a positive effect on male reproductive function by Testoprime results before and after triggering a penile erection, as well as enhancing blood testosterone levels, testicular sperm counts, and epididymal sperm motility.” (1)

Two essential points to remember: the study was done in rabbits and at very high doses. To figure the dose used in the study as it applies to you, which was 50 mg/ kg, use your weight in lbs divided by 2.2 X 50 = dose needed according to this study…However, another study done in animals used a dosage: 20 mg/(kg d) also had positive effects on testosterone, so that might be a good starting dose. It’s not known of course if this is the human equivalent dose (HED) or even what the HED is at this time to effect testosterone in humans or even if it will!

Unfortunately, no conclusive human studies exist at this time, so the “optimal” dose is a WAG at this time. However, anecdotal reports of people using 500mg – 1000mg report positive effects, but it’s far from clear what effects people can expect from these doses of Res, but considering all the other potential health benefits of Res, it may be worth trying.

Shin S, Jeon JH, Park D, Jang MJ, Choi JH, Choi BH, Joo SS, Nahm SS, Kim JC, Kim YB. Arch Pharm Res. 2008 Jan;31(1):83-7

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