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Having lived in the Upper Florida Keys since 1977 and being a licensed real estate broker since 1988, I offer you the benefit from my vast knowledge of the neighborhoods, waterways, schools, etc. in the Key Largo and Islamorada real estate markets.

As your Buyer Broker, my obligation is to get you the best possible property and the best possible price - basically, to guide and assist you just as if I were making the purchase for myself!

Is now the time to invest in The Florida Keys?

Property values in Key Largo, Islamorada and through the Middle and Lower Florida Keys have rebounded significantly over the past few years.  The nationwide real estate crash was particularly devastating in Florida and Keys properties were certainly not immune.  However, it was an over correction and, ultimately, a combination of pent up demand, incredible financing opportunities and recognized intrinsic value of Keys property have helped to turn this around to an escalating market.  

For many who clearly see long-term value, this is an opportune time to seize opportunities that still arise from time to time.  For a variety of reasons, 
we are sometimes able to locate a property where a seller may be motivated and have good reason to sell at a fair price.  It just takes a little more effort to find motivated sellers as the market has shifted back to a "seller's market." 

You can find numerous recent articles about escalating South Florida real estate value in google search.  Additionally, on occasion I post links on my Key Largo real estate Facebook page that you may read as well.

If you will be getting a home loan, do not expect the historically low interest rates to last forever either.  Small increases in your rate can add significantly your long-term holding cost.  In short, a lot of indicators are saying Buy Now.

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Remember just a few years ago when listing information was closely controlled by Realtors?

At the time, buyers had to either meet with an agent, wait for days to receive a package in the mail, or try to read a nearly illegible fax. Well, the real estate business has come a long way in a short time! Today, buyers have all the listing information available 24/7 via this web site and others such as,, etc. as well as the numerous smart phone apps.  This difference is that my Upper Florida Keys MLS links are "live" - any additions, deletions or changes are immediately reflected in the results of these searches. 

It's simple to use and you have the added benefit of contacting me using the form at the bottom of this page.  I will receive an email and text message and then provide you an honest and unbiased opinion about the property and how it might suit you.

Convenience, personal service and technology to best serve you!

Start your initial search using my Keys Home Search and shoot me an email if you see anything of interest.  If the property makes sense, let's take a look at it and get it secured for you.  It's easy to do via Docusign, scan or even a fax.  


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